• It's More Than Healing...
    It's Transformation.

    I am committed to providing the best quality care possible. It's understood that everyone is unique, which is why I take time to help identify each path to recovery that is right for each individual. The office is located in Florida and serves all of Florida.

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  • Pamela Basham, LMHC

    In my private practice, I work with individuals, couples, and families. Treatment is unique for each client and depends on your needs and goals. The philosophy that guides my practice is the unwavering belief that people have a limitless potential to heal and grow. It is my goal to help you recognize and realize your abilities. Positive change occurs through the collaborative therapeutic relationship between therapist and client.
    Therapy is a unique process for each client. It begins with a comprehensive evaluation during which I learn about you, your situation, and your goals. You also get the chance to learn more about me and get a feel for how we will work together. During the course of therapy, we will continue to evaluate and make changes to your treatment to reflect completed goals and new challenges. Services offered: ​Biofeedback, Depression/Anxiety/Stress, Childhood Abuse and Trauma, Family and Relationship Issues, Grief and Loss, GLBTQ Concerns and Issues, Parenting, Divorce, and Eating Disorders.

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  • Transform Your Life By Focusing On

  • Gender identity is a spectrum that describes to which degree a person perceives and recognizes their inner knowledge and outer expression of gender. Generally, this is the consistency between anatomical sex and the person’s internal maleness or femaleness or combination or neutrality.

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  • A number of factors may contribute to communication challenges between two or more parties. Differences of opinion may lead to disagreements between friends or coworkers, and this can contribute to communication difficulties. Those who seek counseling for relationship concerns may frequently cite communication issues as a reason for seeking treatment. I specialize in establishing quality lasting connections.

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  • When you are experiencing conflict in your relationship or have a feeling of "growing apart" seeking professional assistance will help. Couples counseling can help you and your partner reconnect and communicate clearly on a "level playing field". I provide an opportunity for a calm and safe environment to restore your relationship.

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  • Licensed LMHC in Florida

    Finding the right professional LMHC in Florida, can be frustrating and time-consuming. However, on the positive side, it also indicates a strong commitment to emotional health maintenance. I am ready to provide personalized, individualized treatment for a variety of stressful conditions. This can be very important when experiencing difficult life situations.
    I believe that everyone deserves a healthy outlook on life. I am dedicated and work to provide each client with the best of care. Extended scheduling for appointment times allows for more convenient treatment sessions. specialized services include:

    • Gender Identity
    • Mood Disorders
    • Couples Counseling
  • Common Diagnosis Meets Effective Treatments

    Mental illness can also be responsible for many side effects in daily living. Often what is needed is treatment from a Florida LMHC. My objective is always to assist the client to be successful in whatever situation they may encounter. Let me know at (850) 384-5186 and I will provide the information to get started today. I am a specialized LMHC that practices a new, client-centered approach to Gender Identity, Mood Disorders and Couples Counseling.

    I have been helping clients for years and have been guiding and assisting clients to increase self-confidence and to make positive emotional progress. All treatments assist the clients to realize deeper satisfaction in their lives and personal relationships. I am trained to use a variety of approaches that are designed to assist with the spiritual, emotional, nutritional, and physical aspects of the individual. I have a practice in Florida with treatment programs for individuals, groups, and organizations.

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